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What is CHSWG?... or how to influence services in Hertfordshire

CHSWG = The Children’s Hearing Services Working Group (pronounced  cheesy-wig!) is a group made up of representatives from the different professionals (such as audiologists, hearing screeners, teachers of the deaf, speech and language therapists) working in Hertfordshire with deaf and hearing-impaired children.  The group also includes Phoenix, representing the voluntary sector and families, and the NDCS who provide a national overview. The group meets four times a year, to share experiences, ideas and actions for improving the lives of deaf children and their families throughout the county.

It is responsible for improving services for families and children, by listening to them and taking their views into account and by ensuring that  recommendations from national initiatives and Quality Assurance (QA) are met. It offers advice, guidance and exerts influence in order to ensure high quality services. It also acts on behalf of service providers at a practitioner, managerial and strategic level.


When does it meet?

It meets four times a year, during the term-time. The meeting runs for two hours and is usually held in central Hertfordshire.


How parents can be involved

If you would like an opportunity to have your say and represent other families at this group, please contact Val at Phoenix who will guide you through how the group works and provide you with some training to ensure you are comfortable representing families and can get the best out of it. You’ll get to meet some other parents who are also keen to be able to influence services on behalf of families.

If you have views, thoughts and / or experiences that you feel would be useful to people in CHSWG, please contact Val, Phoenix’s family officer, who will make sure that your views are represented.

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